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Collision Alert Technology for Scooters

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CATS identifies hazards sooner than the rider might, and so increases the rider's "situational awareness" 


A rider who is keenly aware of potential hazards is better prepared to take quick action to prevent an accident 


Rider Alerts:

The CATS system beeps and blinks a warning lamp when a hazard is determined; alerts quickly intensify urging the rider to take action

Object Detection:

A proximity sensor detects objects in e-scooter's path


The CATS control system determines if the detected object poses a threat

Hazard Detection:


The CATS system detects actual falls and sends real-time data to emergency responders and to rental fleet operators for crash investigation

Collision Reporting:



Downed E-Scooter Notification:

CATS informs fleet operators of an abandoned e-scooter and flashes the hazard warning lamp to illuminate the tripping hazard



Our Chosen Problem:
Electronic Scooter Safety
  • Rented e-scooters are becoming popular in city centers

  • E-scooters provide an eco-friendly mode of "transportation-on-demand"  (also known as "micro mobility")

  • There have been over 40,000 injuries and 29 deaths related to rental  e-scooters since 2018

  • Decision-makers are unsure about allowing e-scooter use due to safety concerns

Our Solution
  • The Collision Alert Technology for Scooters (CATS) prevents e-scooter accidents by using a system of sensors, electronic controls, and alert devices to warn of potential hazards.

Who Benefits from CATS?
  • Customers renting e-scooters enjoy a safer ride

  • E-scooter rental fleet operators enjoy

    • increased customer usage due to assured safety​

    • increased market-share with technology assurance

    • increased vehicle life-cycle due to fewer wrecks

    • fewer lawsuits from injured persons

  • There will be less congestion due to micro-mobility choices

  • Hospitals and emergency services will receive fewer requests for attention to injuries or fatalities


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CATS is an innovative system that is designed to reduce accidents and improve e-scooter safety.

The Problem

“Micro-mobility” means using small vehicles like bikes, Segways, and electric scooters (e-scooters) to move short distances. Micro-mobility is environmentally friendly, reduces car traffic, and reduces our use of oil. For example, rentable e-scooters are often found in many large city centers and on college campuses for use as “transportation on demand”; customers use a smartphone app to rent available e-scooters for quick trips as needed. 

Unfortunately, many accidents and injuries are now happening with the arrival of rented e-scooters. The Journal of American Medical Association reported that 40,000 injuries and 29 deaths are related to e-scooter accidents. Certainly these accidents are a problem. The safety concern causes many people to fear e-scooters and some cities to ban their use. 

We chose to address the problem of accidents related to electric scooter use and the slow acceptance of this valuable transportation mode. 

By addressing the accident problem, we can reduce the major concern that discourages people from using E-scooters. The increased e-scooters usage inside cities will foster environmentally friendly transportation. This will ultimately reduce road traffic, pollution, and the use of fuel for shorter distance transportation. 


Dan Champoux

Tel: 248-378-6247

1861 Hunters Ridge Dr, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304



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